Science of Organizing Spaces and Balancing Energies
(Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water are foundation theory for Feng Shui balance)

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Feng Shui:

Feng Shui is the science of organizing spaces & balancing energies. Creation of harmony to create optimum work environments. Placement of different products keeping in mind the available space and its Intended use. The use of principles of feng shui for the achievement of health happiness & prosperity. We are on a day to day basis effected by our environment and the colors around us. It also relates to the rise and fall of energy. Placement of furniture to balance the energy and effecting the efficiency of the individual.
Feng Shui is used for enhancing different corners around the home around the work institutions. It has been used to balance the body & mind keeping into consideration different principles.

The Principles of Feng Shui

The Five Elements

The five elements earth, water, wood, fire & metal are agents of Chi.

Wood: All plants represent the wood element. Use of shape & color, Using plants of differing shapes in relation with the environmental space.

Fire: The pointed leaves suggest fire, Triangles & pyramid shapes also represent fire

Metal: Round & dome shape represent the metal element.

Earth: Rectangles, Flat tops, squares, stones & rocks represent the earth elements.

Water: Water represent the flow of energy. Moving water in gardens or in fountains.
Water has been used often outdoors especially use of fountains in parks outside the official constructions or even recreational institutions.

The five elements that have been used in Feng Shui have also been represented by different colors primary as well as secondary

Yellow or Orange
White or Silver
Dark Blue or Black

Feng Shui & its application in day to day lives
The fengshui has been applied especially by some as a way to find solutions for day to day problems. Sometimes the family need a balance or sometime a business needs a balance. The placement of the fengshui articles & the use of the elements to enhance and balance the available spaces. The use of color in the interiors as well as exteriors some work situations and home situations have a neutral color scheme while some industries have a warmer color scheme like the food restaurants.

Feng Shui in the Garden

Feng shui in Home

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